Chef Natalia Moran of Granivore: Don't deprive yourself, but rather, eat in moderation

Chef Natalia Moran of Granivore: Don't deprive yourself, but rather, eat in moderation

Published Sep 27 2021

We bet that 90% of you reading this used to have—or still have—eating healthier as one of your life goals. It can be daunting especially when you have no idea where to start. 

Enter Granivore at Stall 17, where getting started on your health journey is as easy as choosing a grain, protein, toppings, sides, and sauces for your grain bowl. Not easy enough? You can also choose from their pre-made Signature Bowls. 

Chef Natalia Moran of Granivore makes sure that eating healthy doesn't mean boring, bland meals. She's also the chef of The Sunny Side Group and SpiceBird at Boracay, both of which used to have pop-ups at The Grid (and we miss them dearly). We talked to the chef about Boracay, her healthy-eating tips, and her favorite Granivore grain-bowl combination.

The Grid Food Market (TGFM): How different is it working in Boracay and at The Grid?  

Chef Natalia Moran (NM): Working in Boracay is definitely more laid back, quite relaxing.  Nothing beats the view of the beautiful white beach of Boracay, as seen from the kitchen of The Sunny Side Cafe!  

TGFM: What’s your favorite hidden food gem in Boracay? 

NM: A delicious and loaded tuna melt sandwich, with a simple yet satisfying brownie and a good ol' cup of brewed coffee, with the view of the beach, at this small nipa hut coffee shop.

TGFM: How did you get involved with Granivore?  

NM: I bumped into Charles [Paw, founder of Tasteless Food Group and The Grid] at a Beyond the Box sale in Rockwell Santolan Town (today's Champion Hotpot).  We chatted and a year later, we opened Granivore, and I've been working with them since.

TGFM: What’s your go-to Granivore grain bowl combination?  

NM: Pearl couscous, grilled chicken, mushroom medley, beans and corn, marinated feta and olives, furikake and togarashi dressing

TGFM: What’s your tip for anyone who wants to start eating healthier?

NM: Try out Granivore!  haha we have curated the dishes to not just be healthy, but for them to taste good as well.  Don't deprive yourself, but rather, eat in moderation and keep an active lifestyle.