Crab Biryani (500gms)

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Braised Whole 500gms Crab in Curry spiced yogurt, Served with Spiced Basmati Rice, Fried Onion, Cilantro, Papadum and Coriander cream


  1. The price of the crabs on this website is priced per 500gms and on an initial payment basis.
  2. To ensure freshness, when the crabs are delivered there will be an additional cost per 100 grams (250php)
  3. The Grid Customer Service will contact you ahead of time before your delivery/ pick up time to confirm your order, the final weight of your package, and inform you regarding the additional and necessary payments.
  4. A separate process will be sent to you for additional payment collection.
  5. Once settled and the payment is confirmed the store will now prepare your order.
  6. Crabs are for 1 day pre order 
  7. We can accommodate other dates if you will order 2 days before. You can call this number for more information - +639177077459
      Crab Biryani (500gms)Crab Biryani (500gms)Crab Biryani (500gms)

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